'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9: 5 Reasons Show Can Go On After Mother is Introduced

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"How I Met Your Mother" Season 9 is not completely official yet, so to speak. It is widely believed that if it does get sealed with contract-signing, it will be the final season of the hit CBS sitcom. But must show runners wait until the last few episodes of the series to introduce the mother?

It is one thing to stay faithful to the show's title, and it's another to tell stories highly relevant to the title. After all, 'How I Met' has succeeded in endearing its characters to its audience.

In How I Met Your Mother Season 8X13: "Band or DJ," Lily and Marshall talk wedding planning with Ted Mosby. (Image: CBS)

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"(D)o people watch the show beyond knowing the mother?" CBS president Nina Tassler told reporters this question is one of the topics around the Season 9 discussion table. Here are five reasons the audience will still watch "beyond knowing the mother."

How I Met Your Mother: 5 Reasons to Watch after Mother is Introduced

1. First dates. Ted has put on some great shows for Robin and Stella when he dated them. How could he top his own A-game for the mother?

2. The Robin interaction. Victoria made a big deal out of Ted's friendship with Robin. (Sure, she can't be blamed.) It would be great to see how the mother would feel around Robin while she's still single, but it looks like it's not going to happen. Still, it would be nice to know what she'd think of Ted's ex-girlfriend and best friend.

3. The fights, the lows, the lessons learned. After a series of relationships, what had Ted taken away from his past relationships? It would be fun to see that nothing of all the things he learned from his past relationships applied to his relationship with "the one."

4. The porch scene with the gang. Lily has previously pulled some stunts when Ted was dating someone she couldn't sit with at the family porch when they're old and gray. It would be nice to see this porch scene in present-day narration.

5. The kids' questions. Those two kids Ted has been talking to all these years should finally ask some questions. Dating anecdotes, revelation of quirks, things they didn't know about their mother. There's a lot of room for comedy. The audience, aware that Season 9 is the last, won't mind - as long as the stories are genuinely funny.

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