How I Met Your Mother Season 8: Series could ‘shoot just 10 more and that will be it’ - Thomas

Who’s Wearing Graduation Goggles Now?
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"How I Met Your Mother" Season 8 Episodes 11 and 12 could have given some fans what the series calls "graduation goggles." Series co-creator Craig Thomas has recently said it is possible - but not certain - that they will "shoot just 10 more and that will be it." Viewers should be okay with that, it is time to meet the mother already. Or is it?

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers about HIMYM Season Episodes 11 & 12: "The Final Page." Read at your own risk.

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HIMYM Graduation Goggles, Anyone?

The concept of the graduation goggles came up in Season 6, when Ted is about to break up with Zooey. He sees all the nice memories, and his friends - Barney and Robin - warned him against getting carried away. Graduation goggles blurs your mind and disables you to let go just because you'd want what's familiar, the couple said.

After seeing "The Final Page" episode in which Barney has finally proposed to Robin, thoughts of a ninth season could be hard to shrug off. Then again, it must be just the graduation goggles.

Contract discussions about a ninth season are under way, but it seems the parties concerned are having a hard time making things work. When one of the creators spoke to Entertainment Weekly recently, he did not sound as optimistic as he was when Season 7 ended in May.

"(I)f this turns out to be our last year, we'll come back in the new year and shoot just 10 more and that will be it," Thomas told EW.

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Asked about the Robin-Barney wedding, Thomas teases fans with "twists and surprises."

"They're heading for a wedding that will have its own twists and surprises when we get there. But yeah, we've been waiting for them to get engaged, so hopefully that will feel satisfying to people. It certainly has been a long time coming," he said.

In this season's premiere, Ted is seen at the Farhampton station - just a couple of feet away from "the" mother.  Will the viewers meet her in 2013?

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