How I Met Your Mother Season 8: Guess the Jayma Mays' 'Mother' Connection

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 meets another runaway bride, except this time, the bride character is from another sitcom. Jayma Mays, who played "Coat Check Girl" way back in Season 1, is returning to the CBS series. This happens while her return as OC bride Emma in "Glee 4" is sparking a lot of speculations. But why bring the coat check girl back - is there a mother connection here?

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How I Met Your Mother: Future Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby Time Traveling Episode (Image: CBS/HIMYM/Tumblr)

HIMYM welcomes back Jayma Mays

How I Met Your Mother takes a short break after Monday's episode called, "Weekend at Barney's." It is one of the weaker episodes this season, but it's a good one mainly for marking the end of the Ted Mosby - Jeanette madness.

When HIMYM returns on Mar. 18, Glee star Jayma Mays will reprise her role as the coat check girl from the "exclusive club" episode back in October 2005. (Yes, it has been that long.) The gang will be doing some sort of time traveling in this episode, according to teasers. But what is so important about the coat check girl, when Ted has already told his kids she is not the mother?

How I Met Your Mother Time Travel: Guessing the Jayma Mays - Mother Connection

In the "Okay Awesome" episode where Jayma Mays first appeared, Ted and the gang find themselves in a club that Robin recommended. Ted later dances with a hot blonde girl who couldn't hear him through the party music. He then says stuff like, "I'm from outer space!" And then the loud music stops just when Ted was mess-yelling, "I'm wetting my pants!" The hot blonde girl leaves, Ted realizes clubs aren't awesome and he had to get out.

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Coat check girl later tells Ted that the "fun" things people often talk about aren't usually fun. Marshall senses a connection between the two but future Ted tells the kids the mother wasn't Mays' character. Barney wants Ted to forget all about this night because he dirty danced with his cousin. But Ted concludes here the only way for him to have someone is to spend crazy nights with Barney. What happens when Mays returns?

Could Mays be playing the role of a friend of the mother - someone who could put in a good word for nice guy Ted Mosby? Or is her return a mere tribute to celebrities who have graced the show (i.e. Kyle MacLachlan as The Captain)?


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