How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 11: What ‘Final Page’ are they talking about?

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 11 is airing back-to-back on Monday with Episode 12 in the CBS series' first ever 1-hour holiday special.

The last time HIMYM ran a 1-hour special, it was for the Season 7 finale called, "The Magician's Code." This time, the writers titled the holiday special, "The Final Page." After seeing a couple of books in Episode 10: "The Over-Correction," would it be safe to assume this final page is from one of those books? Or is this the show-runners' way of wrapping up the series?

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers for those who have not seen last week's HIMYM episode. Read at your own risk.

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 10: Barney's Books and Robin's Obsession

Fans already know that Barney has all sorts of mad books. The series has been peppered with references to The Bro Code, which has its own following outside the sitcom. (The fourth book, The Bro Code for Parents, is now available.) But it is only last week when the writers have revealed where the book is hidden in Barney's posh apartment.

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Thanks to Robin's obsession in finding Barney's Playbook, viewers have learned that Barney has at least three prized books all hidden from plain sight. (The Playbook is a documentation of the games Barney pull to get girls into bed.) If the "Final Page" episode refers to any of these books, it is not likely to be from The Bro Code (under the samurai sword) or David Lee Roth's biography (behind a framed print.)

Is the final page from Barney's Playbook? But wait, didn't he burn the book already? Perhaps not every page has been turned to ashes.

The Barney-Patrice Oddity: Scheming as Final Play?

There's something truly odd about the Barney-Patrice tandem. Consider Nora, Quinn and Robin - the girls who have gotten Barney all lovestruck and dazed. These characters can cover magazines and endorse a bag of beauty products. Patrice is from a different group, the kind that Barney will never be attracted to. Fans know something's up with that. Cue, speculation.

Barney could be scheming with Patrice to get Robin's attention. Remember how he got Ted to take the GNB project? Ignore, give backhanded compliment, withdraw the offer, etc. Barney did tell Robin he was letting go of her. That must be merely a preceding step to his elaborate schemes with Patrice.

Viewers will find out the answers on Monday in U.S. television.

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