How I Met Your Mother Season 8: 10 Reasons It's Time for Series Finale

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How I Met Your Mother has already shown a Robin-Barney wedding "little ways down the road." Ted has already caught a glimpse of the woman in yellow umbrella. Why should it drag on for another season when the comedy is losing its fizzle now?

10 Reasons "How I Met Your Mother" Should Close the Book

1. Barney, the resident player who used to be all-sex-no-romance, has been love-struck three times already - Robin, Nora, and Quinn. He's turning into Ted Mosby, only a wackier version.

2. Marshall is no longer able to spend bro time with either Barney or Ted. In "Autumn of Break-ups," he's been turned into a sick girl wannabe.

3. Lily as a new mum can hardly get out of the apartment to show some dimension to her character. It would have been unnoticeable if she and Marshall did not appear in the past six episodes of the current season.

4. Ted has already had way too closures with Robin. Yet it seems there will be another "talk." He has realized too many times that they are not good for each other. It's really time to meet the mother.

5. The characters are growing older for all the things they're used to doing, i.e. hangouts at the bar, hangouts at the apartment, etc.

6. There have been enough flash forwards already. The "Farhampton" episode should be the last one.  "Little ways down the road" is becoming overused as a story device.

7. Robin calls off her engagement with good guy Kevin. Then she gets a dummy boytoy. More episodes with the wrong ones will only make her character even more predictable and eventually, boring.

8. The "awkwardness" of the Ted-Robin-Barney triangle should be faced head on and overcome this season. Otherwise, the elephant will just keep coming back in the room.

9. Barney has relied on a real dog to be his "dawg." He is becoming a sad story. (Again, a Ted.)

10. Everyone has had too many serious crystallizing moments, the comedy is flying out the screen. Close the book while a lot of people are still laughing.

The CBS has enjoyed a very good rating in Season 7. But that was a fun season, and it was leading to an end. Season 8 should keep the forward move. If it becomes just another preview of the finale, it will drag on until the ratings plummet and there's no choice but to introduce the mother already.

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