How I Met Your Mother Pre-Finale Spoilers: 5 Things You'll See Before Season 8 Ends

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 has been on a mini-hiatus, and fans are already missing the gang. When HIMYM returns next week, Future Ted Mosby and Future Barney Stinson will figure into some pre-finale adventures.

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The following are five of the things HIMYM fans will see in the last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 8:

Time travel to October 2005. Well, it may not be the exact date in the series. But spoilers indicate Ted and Barney will have another encounter with the Coat Check Girl (Jayma Mays) for a Season 1 episode aired seven years ago, "Okay Awesome."

The return of the Captain. The Captain will return to wreak havoc in Lily's domestic life. It may be an overstatement. But apparently, the show runners did not make the Captain-Lily connection on a whim. He was just instrumental to shaking up her career and changing things up in the show's dynamics.

Sell Barney's Apartment. Robin will make Barney decide to let go of his apartment. But he has certain conditions. It will be interesting to watch Barney come up with hilarious ways to find the next owner of his hot and sexy bachelor pad.

Bachelor Party for Barney. It is widely believed and hinted in interviews that Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky are getting married by the end of this season. Naturally, Swarley would want to have a dramatic final night as a free man.

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Bachelorette's Party for Robin. For a long time, she believed she's not the marrying type. Little ways down the road, she'd prove to be a messed up flight risk. But Robin will be happy to have a little naughty night with her girl friends, and perhaps a very sexy male guest?

Come Season 9, production and viewers are in for the final lap of How I Met Your Mother. Series creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays promise each episode will not be like all the other episodes fans have seen. (We all look forward to that.)

HIMYM returns to CBS on Mar. 18, Glee star Jayma Mays will reprise her role as the coat check girl from the "exclusive club" episode back in October 2005.


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