How I Met Your Mother: ‘Bad Crazy’ vs ‘Good Crazy’ - Ted Mosby is Getting There [VIDEO]

Robin bonds with Baby Marvin, changes mind about babies?

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8, Episode 16 continues the plot on Ted's "bad crazy" girl friend Jeanette (guest star Abby Elliott). The previous episode revealed that Jeanette has been stalking Ted since he covered the New York Magazine back in Season 7 ("a year and a half ago," says Ted). Meanwhile, Robin spends time with Marshall's and Lily's baby Marvin. Does she change her mind about becoming a mother?

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 'Bad Crazy' vs Season 7 'Good Crazy' (Image: A promo ruse posted to Google+)

HIMYM Season 8X16: Aunt and Godmother Robin bonds with baby Marvin

It has been established that Robin is not able to conceive. Whether or not she and Barney decide to adopt has not been revealed. As Robin spends time with baby Marvin in the latest HIMYM episode, what would the viewers learn about her previous stance about having kids?

For Robin, the news that she could not be able to bear a child was a huge blow. She's always known that she could change her mind, eventually, until a doctor revealed otherwise. Viewers can expect some tiny tugs at the heartstrings as Robin babysits baby Marvin.

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HIMYM Season 8 'Bad Crazy' and Season 7 'Good Crazy'

HIMYM Season 7, Episode 22 was titled "Good Crazy." In this episode, Ted jumps into a series of dates to get Robin off his mind. He later realizes that his friendship with Robin is far too important to dismiss. This episode precedes the 2-part season finale, in which Lily gave birth to baby Marvin.

In Season 8 "Bad Crazy, Ted refuses to face the reality that he is with a bad crazy woman. He, too, is acting crazy, and this time in a bad way. But as Ted told his kids in the previous episode, "Before a man meets the woman he'll marry, he'll make one final horrible mistake." Perhaps Ted will eventually cut ties with Jeanette in this episode.

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VIDEO: How I Met Your Mother Season 8, Episode 16: 'Bad, Crazy' [SNEAK PEEK]


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