‘How I Met Your Dad’ Star Greta Gerwig on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale, New Updates & Storylines

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Upcoming series "How I Met Your Dad" star Greta Gerwig, Ted Mosby's lady version, revealed her reaction to "How I Met Your Mother" epic finale during her recent interview with Vulture. Although the fate of the show is still undecided until its first spinoff episode, Gerwig promises a different show from HIMYM which focuses more on the woman's perspective of finding her one true love.

"It's going to be different than the original," says the "Frances Ha" star in an interview with Vulture. "When the premise of the show is that it's a young man looking for his true love, it's a very different feeling than a young woman looking for her true love."

Written by HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the spinoff will centre on a group of friends living in New York and Sally's, who is Gerwig's character, journey of meeting her future husband. But unlike Ted, Sally is already married before the start of the show and decided to have a divorce when the pilot starts.

When asked what's her reaction to HIMYM twisted finale, the star of "How I Met Your Dad" revealed that she cried during the epic ending after the show run for nine years. "I was weeping. I just spent the last three weeks with Craig and Carter begging them. They were working on editing while we were working on writing the new show. And I was like, 'You guys, [don't let her die].' Every time they started talking, I put my fingers in my ears," she said.

Despite the mixed reaction on the show's ending, Gerwig is still optimistic about bringing another one of Carter and Craig's stories to the screen. "I think that's why they're such good writers...They never let the story they're running get bigger than the characters they're writing."

The fate of the new show will be revealed on May that is if the pilot episode will pick up so it's hard for Greta to talk about it. Producers of the series are reported to be nervous about the HIMYM sequel but assures fans that is going to be a different story from the original.

"I won't know until May. Everyone's saying, oh, don't worry, it'll happen, but I really don't know," Gerwig added. "It's hard to talk about something that I'm not sure will exist in the world. I loved making it. I had the best time. I kept saying it was the most fun I'd had since college. It was like TV camp, TV spring break."

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