‘How I met Your Dad’ Shocking Similarities to Meg Ryan’s Rom-Com, Will Greta Gerwig Do the Famous Fake Orgasm?

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Spotted recently wandering around New York's Soho neighbourhood, Meg Ryan braced herself for a chilly Friday, April 25, as she was wrapped-up in a thick black woollen scarf and hat. The "In the Cut" star was recently cast in CBS "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff to voice the future mother in "How I Met Your Dad."

And speaking to Meg Ryan, E! News recently made a speculation that the upcoming series has a lot of similarities with the rom-com veteran famous movies. Known for her role as Sally in "When Harry Met Sally," Ryan will also play the older Sally in the new series if CBS will give its green light to its pilot episode.  

The 52-year-old actress will mirror the role of Bob Saget in the original series as she tells her kids how she met the love of her life. Playing the role as the younger Sally is "Frances Ha" star Greta Gerwig in "How I Met Your Dad," a spinoff from the mother's point of view.

Known as one of the original modern-day rom-com movie stars, Ryan became a household name when she appeared in "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail" opposite Tom Hanks. She also has a recurring role on Showtime's "Web Therapy" with Lisa Kudrow, and now she was cast as one of the series regular in HIMYD.

Here are the five shocking similarities of "How I Met Your Dad" to Meg Ryan famous rom-com movies posted on E! News.

1. Neither of Sally's two love interests in the pilot are named Harry-Anders Holm plays her ex Gavin and Nick D'Agosto plays potential suitor-turned-friend Frank-But!!! Ryan's boyfriend in "You've Got Mail," played by Greg Kinnear, was named...you guessed it...Frank!

2. Sally's brother, Danny, in HIMYD is a lawyer. "Sleepless in Seattle's" Annie's brother, played by David Hyde Pierce, was a lawyer.

3. Sally's BFF on HIMYD, Juliet, is not a fan of Gavin, her soon-to-be ex-husband. In "Sleepless in Seattle," Annie's friend Becky (Rosie O'Donnell) is not a fan of her fiance Walter (Bill Pullman), while everyone at the The Shop Around the Corner, including Christina (Heather Burns) and Birdie (Jean Stapleton), knew Frank was not The One for Kathleen. All of them enouraged Ryan's character to pursue someone else, just like Juliet on "How I Met Your Dad."

4. Obvious, all three of Ryan's most iconic rom-coms had a major New York City: The empire State building is essential to "Sleepless in Seattle's" love story, Harry and Sally's entire love story takes place in the city and "You've Got Mail" is basically one big, mushy love story to NYC. Where is HIMYD set? New York City. Boom.

5. Future Sally is, of course, telling her children the story of how she met their father. When "Harry Met Sally" ends (Do we need to do a spoiler alert? It's been out for over 25 years, weirdos!) with Sally and Harry telling retelling their love story in a sitdown interview.

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