‘How I Met Your Dad’ New Series: Five Things to Know About the 'How I Met Your Mother' Spin-Off

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Now that CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" series is wrapping up after nine amazing seasons, the popular show is going to welcome a new spin-off called "How I Met Your Dad." The new show will feature a new set of New York friends and will be featured in HIMYM season finale.

CBS described the new spin-off as a "a kindred spirit of "How I Met Your Mother" telling the story from a female point of view, "How I Met Your Dad" tells a brand-new story with new characters and a new voice at its center." A standalone show, HIMYD and HIMYM only link is the group's hangout place, the MacLaren's Pub.

Here are the five things you need to know about the "How I Met Your Mother" spin-off series.

1. Meet Sally, played by Greta Gerwig ("Arthur"), is Ted's female counterpart. Vibrant, messy and unpredictable; Sally was described in HIMYD wikia as a "female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she's going in life."

2. According to TV Line, "Master of Sex" Nick D'Agosto will join the cast as Frank, Sally's head of IT who continuously flirts and has genuine feelings for her. "Workaholics'" Anders Holms will play as Gavin, Sally's soon-to-be ex-husband, and 'Smash" actress Krysta Rodriguez ill play as Juliet, Sally's flamboyant and party-girl best friend who runs a successful fashion blog.

3. "Mixology" actor Andrew Santino will play as Danny, Sally's overachieving older gay bother whom she shares a little in common with. Sally will move in with Danny after she decided to leave her terminally boring husband.

4. With HIMYM tremendous success, CBS is not ready to lose millions of fans who followed the comedy sitcom for nine seasons and this is the reason why the network assembled the "How I Met Your Dad" ensemble cast.

5. "How I Met Your Dad" cast will make their debut on the "How I Met Your Mother's" hour-long series finale, which airs on CBS on March 31.

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