How to Fix Heating Problems of Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 During Browsing, Gaming & Playback

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Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 has been plagued by overheating complaints especially around its display, front & back camera and at the top area of the device. And if you are one of those using the said variant, here are some tips which you can lower the high temperature during Internet browsing, gaming or video playback.

Normally, smartphones with larger screen can overheat very quickly due to the power consumption and processing speed required to run the device. But a device that is hot enough to strip off comfort can be a problem.

1.      Deactivate Wireless Connection If you are just playing a game which does not require Internet connection, listening to music or watching a video, disable wireless connectivity by simply tapping on the quick toggles from the notifications bar. In this way, Galaxy S4 has fewer tasks to process which reduces overall heat.

2.      Choose Apps Wisely Some applications which are poorly written can cause the CPU of your phone to work twice as much than normal. Read reviews and do a test run if your device will suffer heating problem running a certain app.

3.      Brightness, Wallpaper and Themes For users who frequently browse online or play movies, try to take out background elements such as live wallpaper, themes or transition animations. The CPU has no choice if all these things are running including the strain from load a Web page or playing a movie.

4.      Running Applications Do not leave applications running in the background. Use the back key or manually log out social sites, games and other apps. In this way, the RAM frees memory and less stress to the processor.

5.      Turn off Added Features Galaxy S4 has a lot of amazing features such as Smart Stay and Air Gesture, but not all owners are going to use them. Turn off features which you do not use often by going to the device "Settings" or using "Quick Settings" at the notifications bar.

6.      Video Format Certain videos are written in formats your phone is not accustomed even you are using third-party video players. If you find such on your device, use the Samsung Kies and have it converted to a compatible format for your S4. HD movies are also heavy on the processor.

7.      Internet Gaming Games using Internet connection will burn your processor and battery at the same time. It is highly recommended to use Wi-Fi instead of 3G or 4G LTE when playing games and make sure that your device is well-ventilated.

8.      Ventilation and Temperature Summer can add stress on your device and high room temperature can build up heat on your phone. Never leave your phone under direct sunlight, place it in a well-ventilated area and let it rest from time to time whenever you're not using it.

9.      Custom ROM Although, most people will prefer the stock ROM on their device, developers have already created custom ROMs for Galaxy S4. Most of these custom ROMs have less bloat-ware apps with free CPU tweaking. Using custom ROM expands your internal memory and allows you to control almost every aspect of your device.

10.  Root and CPU Control In case you do not desire to replace the ROM, root the device at least for you to able to control the CPU. Since the Exynos 5 variant of the Galaxy S4 suffers overheating issue, apps which tweaks the CPU is a must. SetCPU or AnTuTu CPU Master allows you to manage the clock speed of processors on your Galaxy S4.

All these tips are not only meant to lower temperature but it can also help ease the RAM and lower battery consumption on your device.

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