How Did George Clooney's Lady Love Amal Alamuddin Win Over the Commitment-Phobic Actor? Find Out Details Here

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The "Gravity" actor has long stated that he did not want to put a ring on anyone's fingers. Commitment-phobic? (REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)

Ever wondered how the most eligible bachelor in town George Clooney got hooked to and even reportedly engaged to British beauty with brains, Amal Alamuddin? Everyone is wondering how Alamuddin, who is an adviser to former UN Secretary general Kofi Annan - now the special envoy to Syria, got George so interested in her that he lost his commitment phobia completely?

Was it Amal's intelligence that won George over? Well, to some extent yes but according to industry insiders, Amal played the old trick which women folk deploy to keep men interested in them. According to Daily Mail, the 36-year-old lawyer from Britain turned down Clooney's offer to go out on a dinner with her twice. She refused twice saying she was "too busy" but later had to accept. And when she did, she treated the 52-year-old Hollywood heartthrob very normally and not like a star.

"She was operating on the lines of "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" and clearly it worked. Clooney was beguiled by her and she had the upper hand," a source close to Clooney and Amal told the Web site.

"What he likes about her is that she treats him normally...... She has met a whole bunch of A-listers through him and is seemingly quite cool about it, though you suspect she's loving it," added the source.

The pair have been spotted together holidaying in Tanzania, Seychelles, New York and even Dubai. The "Oceans Eleven" actor has even met Amal's parents though her mother Baria has declined to comment on the relationship.

"I'm so sorry but I can't comment. She is my daughter and you understand it is very private," the mother of Amal told the Web site.

Amal's engagement news with Clooney has prompted her to delete her Twitter account that once had more than 1,800 followers, which included Ashton Kutcher too. The woman has also been named as the London's hottest female barrister. Clooney will turn 53 next month in May. Do you think he will get married to Amal or it is just another one of his flings? 

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