How to Delete All Files Before Selling an Android Phone

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If you recently upgraded to the latest Android smartphone and you plan on selling the old one, you need to wipe out all data and get it ready to sell. It is important to know how to delete all files before selling an Android phone.

Selling your old device is an easy way to earn fast cash. But there are things that you need to do first. Here is a guide to securely delete and factory reset your Android phone before you sell it.

Step-by-Step Instructions How to Delete All Files Before Selling an Android Phone Factory reset can erase all your data. You might want to back up and double check important files. Basically, videos, notes and pictures are worth saving, while other files can be restored by the Google Play Store.

1. Look for the Settings button in the Notification bar or choose the Menu button and click System Settings or Settings.

2. Scroll to Personal or Security then click Backup and Reset, then choose Factory Data Reset.

3. Confirm that you are going to delete the information displayed on the screen. Stuff like your app and system settings, Google account, pictures and other files in the phone will be deleted. If you have your photos stored in a microSD card remove the card and use it in your new device.

4. Choose Reset Phone and ensure that your smartphone have at least 50 percent battery left. Afterwards, your device will proceed to shutdown, wipe all data and information and reboot in its factory settings.

Upon completing these steps, your device is good as new. It will prompt the next user to go through the same process of setup like Google account sign in, WiFi and restore backed up apps. It is recommended not to go through the process as the new owner might want to start fresh.

Finally, turn off your device and make sure that you remove your SIM card before giving it to the next owner. There are other ways of deleting the files of your device but this is the easiest way to securely delete your Android phone before selling it.

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