How to Deal With Kid-Hating Passengers in Public Transport

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Two children eat ice cream cones at Quincy Marketplace on a summer's day in Boston, Massachusetts July 17, 2014.
Two children eat ice cream cones at Quincy Marketplace on a summer's day in Boston, Massachusetts July 17, 2014. REUTERS

Kids naturally try to amuse themselves or get rowdy when riding public transport. As a parent, you have to be concerned about how other people may react to the little ones. At times, there are grumpy adults who do not have the patience to deal with small children, so you have to orient your children, as well as be prepared to handle the situation before matters get worse.

While you can't really control how people respond to children, you can help make things easier for you and everyone else by knowing how to handle active kids -- and hostile adults -- in public.

1. Tell your children to behave

Instead of waiting for other people to scold your children for misbehaving, show that you are being a responsible parent by telling your kid to stop bothering other adults in the public transport. It is a sign that you are aware of the situation and do not just ignore the fact that they are distracted by kids.

2. Give your children other forms of distraction

Provide coloring books, toys or an music player with earphones to let your children settle down, instead of moving around in the train or bus. Stopping the nuisance will be a good way of preventing kid-hating passengers from handling the matters on their own.

3. Move to an isolated part of the transport

Upon getting on the transport, look for a quiet and remote part where you can sit all your children down and given them enough space to do their own thing. This will keep them from bothering other people or will set a boundary where kid-hating passengers should not dare go if they wish to be in a peaceful environment.

4. Avoid busy trips

Sometimes, you can schedule your trips so you get on rides that have few passengers only. At times, early morning trips are ideal because your kids are still very sleep so it is likely that they will just sleep through the whole travel period.

5. Go with other parents with kids

Have your children interact with others in the public transport. Sit with other parents so you can watch over the young ones the entire time. If things get worse and a stranger scolds your child, you can team up with the other parents and retaliate. 

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