How to Create Websites Without the Codes? Try Scroll Kit

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For so long, website development is reserved for those who are well-versed with programming codes such as HTML, CSS, C+ and PHP to name a few. This is why companies hire entities that offer web development services. However, that is a thing of the past for a start-up company based in New York gives novices the chance to create a website without a single code line.

Scroll Kit showed its capability by doing a replica of the Snow Fall interactive multimedia report by the New York Times in about an hour. After showing its ability to create websites without the page breaks and brackets, founders Kate Ray and Cody Brown discontinued the replica to avoid charges on copyright infringement. However, Brown and Ray thought that the media entity would see it as a tribute to a great piece of reporting.

The New York Times went further and wanted any mention of their report taken out of the official Scroll Kit website. However, Brown relented because it brought much attention to their operations. Despite potential legal settlements, the co-founder is overwhelmed by the ton on responses that they got from people who would like to know more about their service.

Because he had extensive knowledge in filmmaking, Brown teamed up with Kay and launched their entity during the 2012 New York Tech Meet-up. Scroll Kit seeks to provide a new medium in creating websites for people who would like to express themselves but do not have the skill of technical web development. This is why he believes that those who are gifted in graphic design and artistry will find their service useful.

Using Scroll Kit is like forming a jigsaw puzzle. At first, you can place videos or photographs on the page. Then, you can change its colors and shapes. You may also provide links for all the elements and change the lay-out by dragging the contents around the page. Once you are done, your output can be transferred into hosts like Wordpress to function as a web page.

Brown sees their creation as a more powerful, interactive and user-friendly way to create an online niche for everyone. Gone are the days when codes became the backbone of web development. Now, self-expression is enough for anyone to build a website. Generally, Scroll Kit can be used for free. However, advanced features can be tried for a fee. The word about this has gone viral that entities like Public Radio International have used it for business purposes.

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