How to Check if iPhone 5s is Unlocked or Not

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Apple iPhone 5S
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How to check if the iPhone 5s is unlocked or not is a common issue. An iPhone 5s that is locked to a particular SIM provider can be a total pain especially for frequent travellers wherein they need to change SIM cards time and again.

Sometimes, it is hard to know that your iPhone is locked until you are set to travel to some place and you need to change a SIM card only to find out that you are blocked from using another SIM. Here is a guide on how to check if iPhone 5s is unlocked or not.

The easiest way on how to check if iPhone 5s is unlocked or not is to purchase a spare SIM card from a different network provider and insert it in the iPhone 5s. If your iPhone 5s is unlocked you will be able to see a new network provider located in the status bar, a few minutes after you changed your SIM card. On the other hand, if your iPhone 5s is locked, you will see a pop-up error that says that you need to insert a valid SIM card. 

If for one reason or another you cannot avail another SIM card to perform the trick aforementioned, but you still need to know if your iPhone 5s is locked or not, there is a Web site that can help you. is a Web site that can actually access public database of IMEI codes. These codes identify which phones are carriers locked or not. To be able to use the Web site, you need to obtain your iPhone's IMEI code, which is a code that is unique for your device alone.

To find the code, you can check the back of your smartphone's packaging box or you can also dial *#06# on your iPhone 5s. Afterwards you will see the IMEI code displayed on your smartphone's screen.

Once you already obtained the IMEI code of your iPhone 5s, you need to go to the Web site and enter the code. Afterwards, you will be able to see a table that has basic information of your iPhone model. Although some information will be incorrect, it will indicate whether or not your iPhone is locked.

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