How to Charge iPhone And Android Phones in a Rush

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Today's iPhones and Android phones have become increasingly popular. With the increase in sales of these products, consumers scrutinize why they should choose one over the other.

One of the factors that they consider for a product is battery life. Most of these phones with extensive features have low battery life and get discharged very easily.  There are some basic techniques that users can actually follow to save a lot of time.

1. When charging a phone one should first put it on an airplane mode or turn off the phone. This will ensure that while the phone is on charge none of the illustrious features that are available on these phone are eating up its battery.

2. It is better to use a wall charger than a USB port on a PC for charging any phone. A wall charger charges a phone much faster than a USB port.

3. Considering an iPad's adapter rather than using an iPhone adapter is helpful in its own way. Instead of using the 5W adapter which comes with iPhone, it is better to purchase a 12W adapter which will help the iPhone charge faster.

4. Decreasing the brightness and its sound capabilities while charging will last the phone battery. This can be the best option if the user is unable to turn the phone to airplane mode or power off mode.

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