How to Celebrate April Fool's Day 2014: Best Harmless Pranks to Play With Your Wife, Office Colleagues, Friends

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April Fool's day is the only day when you wait for someone to play a prank on you and or to lie to you ( in a harmless way). It is a day when you, your family, colleagues and friends all can have a one good laugh, which would stay fresh in your memory for months. Here are top 3 harmless and funny pranks as suggested by Amanda Waas, creator of You're Welcome, which is a gift site for such awkward occasions:

1.     Wasabi lip balm:  Imagine a spicy condiment on your lips. A wasabi lip balm is one of the funniest pranks you could play with your friends. Wasabi is an Asian spice and its extra strong flavor stimulates the nasal passage. The best way to play this prank is put the lip balm (remember to remove the label) in the belongings and see them react when the spicy balm touches their lips.

2.     Ridley's classic joke set: The classic joke set is one of the ways to pull simple and funny jokes on your near dear ones. It comes with ideas like Snapping Chewing Gum, Nail Through Finger, Whoopee Cushion and Insect in Ice. You can serve your better half a glass of wine with "Insect in Ice" or put a "Whoopee Cushion" on your colleague's chair. These are sure to generate few good laughs without any harm.

3.     Ultimate PC prankster: Imagine a day without your PC or imagine a co-worker who comes to the office and realizes that his PC has gone for a toss. Ultimate PC prankster is one of those pranks, which will definitely flip out anyone whose life is dependent on PCs.  You just need to plug it into their USB port, and it will make the computer go bonkers.  The mouse track pad will do crazy moments, the keyboard will type weird text and caps lock key will go off and on automatically. 

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