How To Browse Anonymously Using Google Nexus 5

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Users wonder if they can browse using Nexus 5 without leaving traces can now do so. To surf the Internet anonymously using Android, users have to run The Onion Router or Tor with Firefox. There are some related Firefox add-ons they can use to refrain from leaving browsing prints all over. 

For this activity, the hardware is Google's Nexus 5. People can also try other Android mobile phones. Software requirements include:

  • Firefox Browser for Android
  • Orbot
  • Proxy Mobile (Firefox add-ons)
  • Phony (Firefox add-ons)
  • Clear Quit (Firefox add-ons)
  • Self-Destructing Cookies (Firefox add-ons)
  • DuckDuckgo (TOR) (Firefox add-ons)


People can download Orbot from Google Play Store. Users can install the program on any Android phone rooted or not. This program will run Tor. Once the device is running Tor, the browser may be problematic. Users have to also install Proxy Mobile. Likewise, Google search engine will not work properly once the browser is up and running. Users have to install DuckDuckgo Search Engine. It is best to check if Orbot is active. 

Users must also install Firefox browser for Android to start browsing anonymously. This is also available from Google Play Store. 

Proxy Mobile 

Google Play Store also offers Proxy Mobile. After installation, users have to configure the program to make it work with Firefox. To do this, follow these steps:

1.  Use Proxy - Enable

2.  SOCKS Proxy host -

3.  SOCKS Proxy Port - 9050

4.  SOCKS Remote DNS - Enable 

Phony and DuckDuckgo (TOR) 

Both Phony and DuckDuckgo (TOR) can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Change the User Agent of Firefox. Clear Quit and Self-Destructing Cookies. It is important for users to set the TOR as the default search engine. At the very least, allow it to list all the possible engines. Once all required programs are installed, reboot the Nexus 5 device. When surfing the Web, open Firefox by clicking "New Private Tab." Do this after opening Orbot. 

Providers of this guide have no control over what happens to the device after installing the programs. Users can update at their own risk. 

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