How to Avoid the Annoying SMS Bug Plaguing People who Switch from iPhone to Android: Apple Sued over iMessage Bug


Apple is in news again and this time for wrong reasons. The company is facing a lawsuit over a persistent issue that prevents texts or SMS being delivered to iPhone users who switched from the iOS system to use Android phones.

A Californian woman, Adrienne Moore filed a case against Apple after switching to an Android phone, claiming that the company 'interfered' with cellular service contracts. The text messages sent by her friends with iPhones didn't reach her.

The reason for the non-delivery was that the phone number is still linked to the iPhone in Apple's system, and it is trying to send the texts using its proprietary data-channel "iMessage".

This constant issue affected the Android users who were former iPhone users and were automatically connected with iMessage. It is believed that a text sent to an Android user has been delivered, but the recipient never receives the text. And neither of the party is aware of the issue.

According to Business Insider, there are ways to avoid this annoying SMS bug plaguing people.

1. Switch off iMessage on iPhone

Users have to disable iMessage on their iPhone by going to the Settings, tapping on messages and now switch off the iMessage. One needs to check whether text is received in the normal way. If it is the normal way then text will appear in green otherwise in blue if still using iMessage.

2. Take your phone number out of iCloud

With the help of MacBook, sign into iCloud. And uncheck all those icons or menus that mention the phone number, especially "Account Details." It is very likely that the number is associated with iCloud account.

3. Have your closest friends and loved ones delete and re-add your phone number from their contact lists.

It is very important for people in the contact list to delete your phone number and re-add because even if the process of deleting details from iCloud is completed, these people may still be using iMessage which has your contact number.

4. Ask your friends to hit "Send as text message"

This is a situational option, not sure whether it will work or not. When friends send text and it is a failed text, they need to click on the 'i' information button and resend the text via text message and through iMessage.

5. Wait for 45 days before dumping your iPhone for a new non-Apple phone

The issue gets fixed within 45 days of its changes. After deactivating iMessage one can use a new phone but need to keep the old iPhone in case of any problem.

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