How the Australian Dollar Stole Your Capital Gains

  on June 17 2013 1:38 PM

Before we identify the thief of your capital gains, a quick note to make sure you don't miss out on tomorrow's instalment of the revolution. What revolution?

The one that features telepathic communications, predicting and avoiding the risks to your health in retirement, and a third mystery technology that promises to cut the travel time between Sydney to London to four hours. You read that right.

And it's not's a real project being developed right now by a billionaire with an incredible track record. All will be revealed tomorrow.

Keep an eye on your inbox this weekend for the innovations which could revolutionise business, pleasure and your everyday life.

But, if you haven't already, it's probably best to start with the introduction. It explains your part in the revolution. You'll also find out how it can make you money with the help of our newest addition to the editorial team to guide you through.

Tech guru Sam Volkering and stock tipper Kris Sayce have thrown their lot behind a new service which has them more excited than the 3D printer which arrived in the office last week. You'll be hearing more about that soon too...

But the future only makes sense in the context of the past. So what happened to the money you were supposed to make from the stock market these last few years?

Have you noticed the dismal performance of our Australian index compared to everyone else's? For the last four years of 'recovery', the ASX200 has been underperforming the Germans, Americans, English, Chinese and, yes, even the Japanese!

Our market's in dark blue, down there at the bottom:

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