‘House Rules’ Eliminates QLD Couple Maddi and Lloyd

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“House Rules” has eliminated another couple, but not their love for one another. Engaged Queenslanders Maddi Carter and Lloyd Wright said their experience on the show has brought them closer together than ever.

They were the favourite to win in the show, but ultimately, their popularity wasn’t able to save them from elimination. After they failed to impress judges Joel Snell and Wendy Moore with their efforts to renovate Victorian team Adam and Lisa’s backyard, they finished last on Tuesday night’s second semi-final.

As Wendy said, Maddi and Lloyd had the right idea for a wonderful garden, but they didn’t follow through, referring to their poor furniture and plant choices.

The pair received the lowest point of the night, 12.

Maddi knew that it was their time to go, but “it would’ve been nice to score more points in the last one. I was a bit disappointed.”

Team Adam and Lisa, meanwhile, transformed Maddi and Lloyd’s backyard into “a poolside paradise fit for a wedding,” which delighted the homeowners.

“This is perfect. It is exactly what we wanted,” Lloyd said, to which Maddi replied, “You know you have to marry me now? You’ve got no excuse.”

While Maddi presented it as a joke, marriage is no laughing matter to the couple, who are both 27. They extended wedding invitations to the three remaining teams after their elimination, proving that they are ready to take the next step in their relationship.

“I know in my opinion, you wouldn’t have kids unless you think you can raise them,” Maddi told All Access. “This was one of the hardest challenges we have ever done and going into it, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Though we don’t fight normally, I was scared that we would.

“But we didn’t – it actually brought us closer because we were our only allies.”

She added, “It’s a test on a relationship, 100 per cent, but if you can’t get through that then you probably shouldn’t be together.”

That last part would be a perfect advice to give to NSW couple Candy and Ryan, who recently admitted that they have parted ways after almost five years together.

Although their relationship is over now, Candy and Ryan’s journey in “House Rules” continues. They had the highest score in the latest challenge, garnering 16 points after delivering a flawless front yard for Adam and Lisa.

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