‘House Rules’ Announces Lisa and Adam as Winners


“House Rules” has named Lisa Lamond and Adam Dovile as the series two winners. The Victorian couple’s $546,000 mortgage has been paid off as their prize for winning the Channel Seven reality show.

The engaged couple started out as underdogs in the series, with their renovation designs constantly being panned for their apparent bad interior styles.

However, the duo eventually found themselves able to take on the leaders in the subsequent challenges. They even awarded the first ever perfect score in the interior rounds when they renovated Maddi Carter and Lloyd Wright’s kitchen and guest bedroom.

On Sunday’s finale episode, Lisa and Adam beat grandparents Carole and Russell Bramston in the last renovation challenge.

They were initially behind the Bramstons for two points, after scoring just 17 from judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore against Carole and Russell’s 19 points. However, thanks to viewers’ votes, Lisa and Adam won the series.

“This means we can get married and start a family,” a tearful Lisa, 29, said after host Johanna Griggs declared them as winners.

“I owe Lisa my life because this is the most amazing thing in the world,” Adam, 31, added.

Lisa and Adam asked for a James Bond theme for their shed and lawn, while Carole and Russell wanted Balinese style to their downstairs room and adjoining garden bed, which both teams got.

The Victorian couple turned the WA team’s rooms into a James Bond entertainment area with bar and spa, and the WA couple built a Balinese bar and spa area for the younger pair.

Carole and Russell said that their constant bickering was probably the reason why the public chose Lisa and Adam over them.

“We’re sad we didn’t win, but we’re so happy for you,” Carole told the winners.

“If we had to lose to anyone, we’re glad it was Adam and Lisa,” Russell added.

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