House Party Gone Wrong in Canada, 911 Called to Intervene

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A "mansion party" in Canada was shut down by police on Friday, May 2. However, there was already damage worth $70,000 caused by around 2,000 invitees to the party which was heavily promoted on social media.

The party was organised at a semi-built house in Ontario. Peel Regional Police had to intervene to shut it down. Several people were arrested after police came to know about the house party on Twitter. The #MansionParty went viral and attracted more people than the house could afford. Police warned the mother of the young man who organised the party but she said that she had allowed her son to invite "some friends" to the house.

Many liquor bottles and doors were smashed while windows broken around the house. Toronto Sun quoted Nancy Viveiros saying that she was "shocked" to see how the party had turned out to be. Ms Viveiros is the mother of an 18-year-old girl who attended the party but left it soon after realising that the party might end up being nasty. According to Ms Viveiros, her daughter found the railing "all falling apart" when she arrived at the house. She asked her friends not to go upstairs. Ms Viveiros also said that everyone at her daughter's school had been talking about the party.

One neighbour told CP24 that he was informed about the party by his son who talked about a "small party" they were going to, CTV News reported. However, it came as a shock to the neighbour when he came to know about the number of people attending the party. He said that he had seen from his window that there was hardly any room to walk in the house. Several people called 911 and complained about the noise. Around 200 cars were parked on the street when police arrived. According to Constable Thomas Ruttan, there was "real potential for something to happen, something deadly."

Several teens were arrested for underage drinking. However, there was no injury reported.

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