“House of Cards” Team Experiences Frank Underwood Style Threat

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Members of the Maryland House of Delegates are taking a leaf out of Frank Underwood's political game book to threaten the production company of his show, "House of Cards." In response to "House of Cards" production company's warning that they will shift to another state, if not given more dollars in tax credits, the Maryland delegates have passed their own threatening note.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the delegates "adopted budget language" that gives the state the power to "seize the production company's property," if it stops filming in Maryland.

Del. C. William Frick proposed this threat, according to The Washington Post report, and it was approved, without a debate or vote call.

"I literally thought: What is an appropriate Frank Underwood response to a threat like this?" Frick said, as quoted by The Washington Post. "Eminent domain really struck me as the most dramatic response."

 A few weeks before the release of Season 2 on February 14, 2014, the producer of this political drama series threatened that they would move to another state, if Maryland fails to give "House of Cards" more millions of dollars in tax credits.   

In a letter written to the governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley, the production company warned, "In the event sufficient incentives do not become available,  we will have to break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state."

At the floor of the house, Frick said that he loves the show and called it "terrific." However, he added that the warning letter sent by the production company of "House of Cards" "went a little far."

In a Q & A session on Twitter, Beau Willimon had said: "We are still writing Season 3.  Will start filming in a few months."

 In the letter, the production company indicated that they are waiting for a positive outcome of the legislation, and thus have pushed-back the filming of Season 3 to June. The original plan was to begin shooting in early spring. This delay in filming of "House of Cards" is likely to delay the release of Season 3 episodes.  

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