‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Update: Premiere Date, Filming to Begin in Few Months; Is Doug Alive?

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In "House of Cards" Season 2, Frank Underwood finally achieved what he had set out to achieve. He became the President of United States. If Season 1 and Season 2 chronicled his steady rise to the top, the Season 3 is likely to feature his stratagems to stay at the top, and his moves to annihilate opponents and threats.

It was confirmed in February that Netflix has ordered Season 3 of "House of Cards." The filming is expected to begin in a few months, as the writing is still going on. According to reports, there might be a delay in the premiere of Season 3, as the production was originally planned to begin in early spring.   

Deadline had reported that the production of "House of Cards" Season 3 has been put on hold until mid-June. The production team is waiting for the outcome of two separate bills in the Maryland Legislature. Deadline reports that the bills would "ensure another season of lucrative state tax breaks for the political drama."

In a Q & A session on Twitter, Beau Willimon said: "We are still writing Season 3.  Will start filming in a few months." Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Rachel Brosnahan, Constance Zimmer and Sebastian Arcelus also joined Willimon on Twitter for this Q & A session.

When asked if his character Lucas will be ever heard again, Sebastian Arcelus said on Twitter: "Lucas knows what he knows.  But we'll all have to wait for an exciting upcoming Season 3 to see what's in store."

In Season 2, Rachel Posner repeatedly hits Doug, Frank Underwood's trusted aide, with a brick, killing him in the woods. Then she drives off in Doug's car. Rachel might emerge as a big threat to Underwood in the new season.

Doug was shown dead, but Rachel Brosnahan, who plays Rachel Posner, said to Entertainment Weekly that it is not yet certain that Doug is dead. The actress said: "I don't think we know that he's dead yet. It cuts so quickly. I don't think we can say for sure that Stamper is dead."

Posner added that prior to filming, "Michael [Kelly] and I had some conversations [about the ending moments]. He's very upset with me! It was some tough, crazy scenes in the woods, but I don't think I've ever worked with an actor that is so kind and positive all the time. Michael's amazing. He can't be dead!" 

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