‘House of Cards’ Season 3 to Introduce New Characters, Production to Begin in June

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"House of Cards" Season 3 is set to introduce new characters, including an NSA director who is likely be a male or a female and around 45-55 years old.

In addition to the NSA director, two new reporters, two senators, an emergency room doctor, a detective, a colonel, a photographer, a chairman will also be introduced, according to the casting call list for the upcoming season.

The reporters are called Susan and Geoff, while the senators are Torn and Everett. There is also a smart female character called Bette. According to the casting call, she is 32-36 years old and is pretty, good with hands and capable.  

These actors are expected to be available for shooting from June 12 to July 15, 2014. These dates on calling call reveal that the production of "House of Cards" Season 3 is scheduled to begin in June. Originally, the filming of the third season was scheduled to begin in spring.  

The Casting Call Notice:

ER Doctor: male or female: 38-43, harried and tired

Reporter-Susan: female 35-55 years old, open ethnicity

Reporter-Geoff: male: 35-55 years old, open ethnicity

Photographer: male: 42-48 years old, open ethnicity. Photography experience essential.

Colonel: male: 50-60 years old, open ethnicity, military

NSA director: male or female: 45-55 years old, open ethnicity

Chairman: male: 50-60 years old, part of senate

Senator Torn: male: 58-62 years old, Southern senator

Senator Everett: female: 45-55 years old, academic

Detective Smith: male: 35-48 years old, open ethnicity, blue collar.

Bette: female: 32-36 years old, open ethnicity, good with hands, smart, pretty, capable

These characters are interesting additions to the new season and some of them are likely to make life difficult for Frank Underwood, the new President of U.S.  

Kevin Spacey, who plays Underwood, had revealed to E! Online that both Beau Willimon, creator of "House of Cards," and David Fincher, producer of the show, have a "desire to see just how dark that well is and how deep does it go. We have miles to go before we sleep."

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