House of Cards Season 3: Frank Underwood as President

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"House of Cards" Season 3 filming in the U.N Security Council Chamber has reportedly been blocked by Russia. The show chronicles the rise of Frank Underwood from being the whip in the U.S House of Representatives to becoming the president.

Viewers of the past two seasons of "House of Cards" will know that Frank Underwood uses underhanded tactics to get his way. Now with reports of producers trying to film a scene at the U.N Security Council fans can expect season 3 to be the biggest so far.

According to a report by Huffigton Post, Russia stopped the producers from filming the scene at the U.N Security Council chamber. Russia was reportedly concerned about needing the chamber in case of an emergency.

The focus may now shift from domestic issues to tackling international problems for Frank Underwood in "House of Cards" Season 3. So far the character has focused on mostly domestic issues, except few cases like the cyber attacks by China.

In season 1 Frank Underwood manipulated his way into becoming the vice president. He also decided to get even with president for breaking his promise. In season 2 he kept his promise and forced the president to step down and became the president himself.

"House of Cards" Season 3 will be different for Frank Underwood. His right-hand man Doug Stamper is dead. His friend Freddy's restaurant is shut down. Friends of the dead reporter Zoe Barnes in the media are looking for evidence to expose Frank.

Another aspect for season 3 is that there is no target. In season 1 he wanted to be the vice president to position himself to become president and in season 2 he went on to become president.

One popular speculation among fans is that Claire will be the one to watch in "House of Cards" Season 3. The character is constantly seen putting Frank's needs above hers in the past two seasons and she may turn against Frank if she gets pushed too far. Viewers have already seen her do this when Remy offered her help with her problem in Sudan. Claire had helped kill the Watershed bill behind Frank's back.

"House of Cards" Season 3 is expected to be released in February 2015. There has still been no official confirmation about the actual release date by the producers. Fans eagerly wait to see what new political intrigue will be masterminded by Frank Underwood.

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