‘House of Cards’ Season 2: Francis and Claire Moments plus Political Philosophy [VIDEOS]

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There is not much time left for Valentine Day to arrive and for Netflix to make available the Season 2 of "House of Cards." This original Netflix series is about political stratagems and has nothing to do with red rose, chocolate and mushy kind of love, but there will be millions who would be spending thirteen hours of their Valentine Day to watch the new season of "House of Cards."


Netflix will be making available all the 13 episodes of "House of Cards" Season 2 on February 14, 2014. It has released two new teasers as appetisers, making the fans hungry for the main course. The first teaser features Claire and Francis Underwood. According to the synopsis of the new season, Claire will find it difficult to adjust to the public life as Vice President's wife. It is no secret that Francis Underwood has succeeded in his plans to become the Vice President of America. The teaser alludes to the complications in her life and her relationship with Francis under the spotlight.


The second teaser focuses on Underwood and his political philosophy, his opponents and so called partners. Once Underwood digested the ignominy of being ignored for the post of vice president, he was relentless in his Machiavellian political game to get what he wanted. However, he will be on his toes because of the route he has taken to become the Vice President. In the new season, Zoe is set to confront Francis with evidence that he killed Peter Russo. This does not look like good news for Zoe. Raymond Tusk will be expecting political favours from Francis. If he does not do as asked, Francis faces the threat of retribution.

 If Francis is not watchful and always one step ahead, the past and the present will gobble him up. The synopsis of the second season says: "The Underwood's must overcome these dangers -- past and present -- to avoid losing everything, regardless of collateral damage they leave in their wake."

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