‘House of Cards’ Season 2 Episode 1 Shocking Death, Part of Plan [SPOILERS]

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In "House of Cards" Season 2 Episode 1, Francis Underwood is on the verge of becoming the Vice President of America, while Zoe is an inch away from finding out the truth about Peter Russo's death. The result Underwood buried Zoe as well as her proof against him by throwing her in front of a speeding Metro train, making it look like she committed suicide.  

The death of a major character in the first episode of Season 2 has come as a shocker to the unsuspecting viewers. However, the killing of Zoe was planned in advance and was not a last minute decision. Beau Willimon, creator of "House of Cards," said to "CBS This Morning" that Kate Mara, who plays Zoe, knew from the beginning that her character is going to die. "I always knew that Zoe was going to meet her maker, the first episode of season two. That had to happen," Willimon said to "CBS This Morning."

The death of Zoe raises the question how far Underwood will go to achieve what he wants, according to Willimon. Francis killing Zoe, according to Willimon, is a "natural progression."

What else happened in Episode 1 of "House of Cards" Season 2: Claire Underwood showed her ruthless side, as well. She handled the wrongful termination lawsuit, with a cold, calculative, brutal move. Claire outed Gillian's identity to her lover's wife, and then got her health insurance cancelled. The cancellation of health insurance made Gillian unable to get medication needed for her geriatric pregnancy. In exchange for dropping of the charges against her, Claire offered Gillian the job to run Clean Water Initiative, without any condition attached.

Doug Stamper is taking care of Rachel, keeping her out of sight and barring her from creating any trouble for Underwood.  

Underwood wants Jackie, the congresswoman with military service background, to be the new majority, taking his place. To his colleagues, Underwood, however, pretends that he does not have a choice and is not endorsing any candidate.

At the end of the episode, Underwood says: "There is but one rule, hunt or be hunted," hinting that the killing of Zoe was in accordance with that rule.   

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