Hot Female Celebs In Their 40's [PHOTOS]


Age is nothing but a number. This is very much true with the hot celebrities of today.

Here are some of the hot and leading female icons in their 40s who are still looking their best:

Jennifer Lopez. At 42, this diva still proves to be one sizzling Latina. Through the years, she has faced extreme ups and downs in her life and career but she has definitely proven to everyone how much a hard worker she is in the industry.

Halle Berry. This award-winning actress is already 45. Yet, Berry still has the body that everyone has to die for and even after giving birth to one child, she maintains a very active metabolism, it seems.

Salma Hayek. This sultry Mexican actress truly knows how to stand out in any red carpet event and wherever she may go. She is the epitome that shows everyone you can still look good even in your 40s.

Vanessa Williams. Would fans believe that this singer-actress is already reaching the middle point of her life at 48? Just by looking at her, one would believe she has not seemed to have aged since she was in her 20s.

Let's take a closer look at these women who have definitely proven that age does not matter.


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