Horror Highlights: Resident Evil HD Goes to PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Evil Within Contest and Updates
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"Resident Evil" is getting an HD version for 2002 remake of the game, with the goal of making the experience more horrific in its full glory for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

All the graphics and even the sound have been enhanced and improved, as can be seen in the screenshots that Kotaku has obtained. There are also a few added functions, such as a dual control system, where you have the classic controls and new controls based on the analog stick.

"Resident Evil HD Remaster" is already scheduled for Japan on the last-gen consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 before the year ends, but in North America, Capcom has announced that all platforms will have to wait to get the game in 2015.

This is an interesting development, considering that "Resident Evil" series creator Shinji Mikami has recently just praised the PS4 for enabling studios more ground and capability in creating horror games that are more realistic.

According to PlayStation Universe, his comes from his experience with another horror game, "The Evil Within," especially with the ability to play with lights, which are the foundation of making horror games truly terrifying.

'The Evil Within" Alternate Art Poll Brings 10 Signed Copies

Bethesda's "The Evil Within" technically already has a box art cover teased for all its platforms, but it appears that choice also matters for the publisher of the title. Announcing via its official blog, Bethesda provided three more art options that could take the place of original black and white option of the profile of a man who appeared to be screaming in pain and has a barbed wire wrapped around its face.

The three cover art options, which can be seen in the link above, do have less of the pain that the original art conveys, and can provide a good tease to the real horror of the game--instead of already putting it out there on the cover.

What you have instead are alternates with a black, red and white motif. The first is titled "Asylum," depicting the outline of an asylum and a man with a gun. The next is "Piercing Eyes" with the iris coloured red and white barbed wires surrounding it. The last is called "Twisted," showing steel rods twisted together, though the catch is that the ends are shaped into hands.

Fans are free to decide which of the three alternate covers they like most, and 10 of the voters will receive a signed copy of "The Evil Within" at launch.

To join, Bethesda has two simple rules that you need to follow to enter the poll and get a chance to win. First, you need to vote on the poll in the page above. Then, you need to send the publisher your choice by August 8 and via email at bethblog@bethsoft.com and with "The Evil Within" as the subject line and your first name and last plus mailing address in the body.

"Resident Evil HD Remaster" interview (Credit: YouTube/Blogocio Box)

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