Horrified Ecclestone for Lack of Noise

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According to race organizers, Formula One mogul, Bernie Ecclestone was horrified having heard no noise at the Australian Grand Prix.

The engines used in races have considerably got superior with the course of time. The Turbo-charged V6 engine replaced V8 engine at Alberta Park in Melbourne last weekend.

This change has made a considerable impact on the noise of the F1 cars. The new engine is designed to suppress the noise instead of V8 that used to produce lot of noise.

The reduction of sound also irked Australian Grand Prix chairman, Ron Walker. He claimed that the contract laid to host the event has not been followed with the reduction of noise level. He had further discussed this issue with chief executive Ecclestone and the F1 president.

Walker recently said in the The Age newspaper, "I was absolutely delighted with the whole weekend, but I was not too happy with the sound".

"We are resolving that with Bernie. It's clearly in breach of our contract. I was talking to him last night (Sunday) and it's not what we paid for. It's going to change."

"'He's horrified about it. It will be an issue for all promoters all round the world."

"We (the Grand Prix Corporation) are an entertainment company and we have to entertain the public."

"Everybody was talking about it. When you take the excitement away, you have trouble selling tickets. You have to create demand and part of that demand is people liking the noise of the race cars."

The Formula One races are known for their monstrous noise and that definitely creates an impact to the spectators. Lovers of F1 also seem somehow disappointed, as the lack of engine noise doesn't really create an impression on the circuit.

However, it will be interesting to watch what comes next with the noise factor.

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