Horrible Jungle Scene: Snake Throws Up 'Cow' in Brazil River [VIDEO]

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An anaconda may have had a meal too heavy, making it vomit a relatively big animal's undigested remains in a Brazil river. The horrific scene was captured on film. Now there is an ongoing debate in the comments section whether the heavy meal was a cow,a calf, a capybara or a deer.

YouTube user MrCocktail888 uploaded the video five days ago. It has so far been viewed about half a million times.

Warning: The image you are about to see when you scroll down is safe for work, but may be too horrid for others.

The video uploader barely described the video, but the title says, "Anaconda Snake Pukes Out A Cow In A Jungle River." The same title is seen in the description, with only the location - Brazil jungle river - as additional information.

Those who have - with a calm stomach - watched the video clip have mixed perceptions of the swallowed animal. Some disagreed that the anaconda swallowed a cow, although the animal hide seems to suggest the given title was correct.

YouTube comments

It isn't a cow, but a "capivara" (Capybara) Is the largest rodent in the world. It's around 10 times smaller than a big cow. - Gmmaverick

"Nao e um capibara" ("It's not a capybara") can be clearly heard at the start of the video. And capibaras have uniform redish brown fur, just a bit clearer underneath. - bertruss

Its not a capybara, those legs are too long to be a capyvara wich have much shorter legs. It is most probably a young calf. - Ezequiel Cabrera

Wrong tail for a cow. Legs too long for a capybara (never seen a piebald capybara either). Tail is just like a goat's - which is what I think it is. - xythm

Horrid Jungle Scene: Snake Throws Up ‘Cow’ in Brazil River [Image: YouTube]

Anaconda upset by audience during mealtime?

The image above shows the anaconda in its final stage of regurgitation. The big animal it has attempted to wolf down is now on its way out of its body.

It is not clear what stimulated the anaconda's regurgitation. It may have had one meal too heavy. But it is also suspected that those filming the jungle scene may have been responsible for the upset anaconda. Under stress, the anaconda instinctively empties itself out to flee easily.

Video: Anaconda Regurgitates, Throws Up Huge Meal in Gruesome Jungle Scene

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