Hopeful Justin Bieber Turning a New Leaf, Tweeted: 'I See All Your Comments, Keep Strong'

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File photo of singer Bieber posing at the premiere of the documentary "Justin Bieber's Believe" in Los Angeles
Singer Justin Bieber poses at the premiere of the documentary "Justin Bieber's Believe" in Los Angeles, California in this December 18, 2013 REUTERS

This may have been one of the positive news on the young pop sensation Justin Bieber after months of run-ins with the law and the much publicized break-up with former girlfriend Selena Gomez. The "Baby" singer has recently expressed his new passion for hip hop and is now working hard to realize this goal. He even wants to move to Atlanta as soon as possible to launch his new hip hop career.

After being discovered in YouTube by Scooter Braun and signing up for the Raymond Braun Media Group, the Canadian pop singer has made millions fans across the globe. However, the fame and money has led to several run-ins with the law mainly because of illegal drugs and misdemeanour.  The sweet and God-fearing boy got lost while growing up in Hollywood.  

He is living the posh lifestyle and keeps a number of people as his posse who follows him around wherever he goes, in which some of them are even living with him in his mansion. The constant parties, drugs and other offensive activities have led to the filing of petition by the people of America to be deported, in which the White House has promised a response to the said petition as soon as the threshold was crossed according to Rolling Stone.

This might have led to the change of pace of the Pop star as he is now reportedly focusing on his new album. He worked together with Sage the Gemini on a single track entitled "Gas Pedal" just before he got into so much trouble with the law.

But through all these negative publicity, Bieber tweeted to his fans to keep strong. "I see all your comments. Keep strong. Be the best that you can be. Much Love," said Bieber to his Twitter follower.

Apparently he is now busy with dance rehearsals, guitar practice and voice strengthening exercises. He is back in the studio writing new songs, possibly for his upcoming new album. "Always working to get better," tweeted Bieber. This new focus might do him good to keep him off the streets and off from drugs.

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