Hooters Waitress And Bieber Get Back Together?

By @definemaych on

Jordan Ozuna, the reported waitress that Justin Bieber was hooking up with in June 2013, is now back with the pop star. They were believed seen together earlier this week in Atlanta but the couple has not been seen physically together. But speculations that they got back together were very strong.

Bieber now resides in Atlanta but currently rents in Dallas Austin's spaceship mansion as he is still yet to find a property to purchase. He is now working on his new album and possibly on his hip-hop career debut.

The couple was apparently first seen together in June 2013 in Las Vegas enjoying a sky diving adventure and was seen making out at the Indoor Skydiving. Selena Gomez and Bieber were already not in good terms during those times. The 22-year-old model is very active in her Instagram account and like to post pictures of her in very sexy outfits, especially in skimpy bikinis.

But the pair didn't last as the 19-year-old pop sensation found another girl to date. Bieber was found with a different girl when he was caught drag racing in the streets of Los Angeles and Ozuna was nowhere to be found.

The current photos posted by the model was taken inside Dallas Austin's spaceship mansion. It was about 6 months after we heard the news on Ozuna and Bieber again with a photo of Ozuna lying in bed that was apparently taken inside the mansion, according to TMZ.

It only means that the two were back in each other's arms again. It only showed Bieber did not mind going back to his exes. Many fans are asking if there is a chance that the "Baby" singer might still go back to Selena but there is no word the two were even communicating with each other after their very public break-up.

There is still no word from Selena on her former boyfriend's new girlfriend. But she seems to be moving on with her life now and may also be moving on to a new love as she is rumored to be dating Niall Horan of One Direction.

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