'Hoop Tracker' Basketball Watch, The Future of Basketball Training: Specifications Explained

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NCAA Basketball: Championship Game Connecticut vs Kentucky
NCAA Basketball: Championship Game Connecticut vs Kentucky Reuters

A new gadget has been created for basketball training that measures shooting accuracy, training progress, and field goal percentages. "Hoop Tracker" is a smart watch designed specifically for basketball only that will help casual and serious basketball players get better in the game.

The Hoop Tracker system includes four technical specifications that make basketball shooting regimen more goal-oriented. As the system automatically counts all of the missed and made shots, it provides the user quick and immediate figures that gauge overall training progress.

The first component of the system is the "Smart Watch". Working as normal watch that features time, date and an optional timer, it has all of the important functions in tracking all the training's progress. Its main functions include counting and recording all of the basketball shots made, calories burned, training regimen for every basketball position (point guard, forward, or center), and tallying of stats.

The next tool is the shot detector. It is a magnetic lever mounted on the ring. Its sole purpose is to detect the basketball if it went in or not. In case of air balls, the user has to manually operate on the watch to for record and percentage purposes.

The third tool is the mounting pole. It simply attaches to the shot detector tool that helps in placing it near the back of the rim. This tool helps greatly by eliminating the need of using a ladder to reach the rim for placing the shot detector.

Lastly, the Hoop Tracker software can be installed or downloaded in a desktop computer and smartphone device. Here players can view their shooting performance, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and make plans on improving the overall basketball game.

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