Honest Trailer Refreshes Fans on X-Men Trilogy


With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Honest Trailer refreshes fans' memory of the past comic book movies through the X-Men trilogy which started it all.

Featuring X-Men, X-Men 2, and X-Men: The Last Stand, the trilogy was released in response to clamor from the various fans of the mutant characters.

The trilogy mentioned that people cheer for superheroes like the Fantastic 4, Spiderman, and The Avengers but those same people hate the X-Men. "For some reasons, there's a difference between a superpower and mutant power," Honest Trailer narrated.

The narration also mentioned that fans have seen the prequels and sequels hybrid reboot and have voiced out what X-Men fans have in mind for the past few years. It stated that Director Bryan Singer's first two X-Men movies proved that comic book movies can be awesome. However, Director Brett Ratner's work for the third movie proved that comic book movies can totally suck balls as the favorite characters of the franchise were killed and depowered.

Honest Trailer also made hilarious comments along the way while narrating the trilogy. The narration assured the X-Men fans that Wolverine was sent back in time to make sure Brett Ratner never happens. It compared Professor X as the Dumbledore of Xavier School of witchcraft and wizardry. The narration also mentioned Wolverine with a mysterious past that must be included with steroids while the cry baby Cyclops was there to solve Wolverine's game. It also highlighted Jane Grey whose phoenix energy is released through the power of stares.

The trailer also slammed not just the director of the third movie but the cast as well. It mentioned Stewart who can control the variations of the weather but not her bad African accent. It also made a stark comparison of Magneto to Adolf Hitler. Even Mystique was criticized for being naked and the blue color painted on her boobs resulting into "bloobs."

Fans are also encouraged in the trilogy to watch how the all mutants group must bind together to defeat the evil government officials to prove that mutants are dangerous, which they totally are.

Honest Trailer also made hilarious name changes of the characters' names on the X-Men trilogy. For instance, Mystique was dubbed as Melisandre, Cyclops as Oculus Rift, Warren Worthington II and III as Twinks, Wolverine as Logan ValJean, Mystique as Rebecca Romijn, Professor X as Timmy.

Meanwhile, the forth installation of the movie series X-Men: Days of Future Past premieres Friday.

Watch the Honest Trailer of X-Men Trilogy from YouTube.


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