‘Homeland’ Season 4 Update, Spoilers: Will Brody Return? Claire Danes and EP Reveal Carrie’s Future and Other Details

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"Homeland" Season 3 is gone but fans are still trying to get over Damian Lewis' Nicholas Brody's death. Fans are not quite convinced that Brody is really gone. They still hope to see him return with Claire Danes (Carrie) in "Homeland" Season 4. They are also eager to know who takes the lead if Brody doesn't.  Here are few spoilers and details about the show and its developments. Read on to find out what happens in "Homeland" Season 4. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "Homeland" Season 4. Read only if you want to learn more about it.

"Homeland's" producer Alex Gansa and leading actress Claire Danes attended TV Academy Panel on May 2, 2014. During the session, they talked about the show and Brody's death. According to a Zap2it.com report, show's EP confirmed that Brody isn't coming back. He jokingly remarked that "we've been trying to get rid of the guy since Season 1."

He also revealed that Brody's death was planned a different way and not how it was shown in show's season 3 finale. The original idea was that Brody be killed by Saul, played by Mandy Patinkin.

"But it became clear Claire's Carrie had to send her soulmate someplace he wasn't going to come back from," explained Alex Gansa.

Actress Claire Danes further clarified why they sent Brody away. She reminded the audience that Brody was actually "broken in a way he couldn't be mended."

"What was his place in society?"

It can be inferred that Brody won't return and "Homeland" Season 4 will undergo changes.  

Furthermore, Variety reports some spoilers from "Homeland" Season 4 as discussed by Alex Gansa during post-screening Q&A moderated by ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent & "The Week" Special Contributor Martha Raddatz.

Not revealing much, Alex Gansa told that show's fourth installment is "mostly a Carrie Story."  

As for Saul, he "figures into the narrative in a very, very important way," noted Gansa.  

Meanwhile, Claire Danes revealed that her child will be "big theme for her emotionally."

"I think she probably escapes into her job. I think she hurls herself at it as a way to avoid some unresolved, very painful feelings to do with Brody," explains Claire Danes.

For more, her bipolar disorder will continue to be the part of her personality and challenges in "Homeland" Season 4.

Alex Gansa assured that they are planning to present a "compelling narrative from beginning to end."

The Web site reports that writers have been working on the storyline since mid-January and filming begins in June in South Africa.

"Homeland" Season 4 is expected to return in fall 2014. 

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