Homeland Season 4 Update: Carrie’s Demanding Double Role in New Season

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Before his public execution in Iran at the end of "Homeland" Season 3, Nicholas Brody came to know that Carrie Mathison is pregnant with his child. It is confirmed that Carrie is keeping the baby and as a result she will be seen juggling two demanding roles. She will have to be a good mother as well as a competent on field CIA agent.

"I think [the child] is going to be a big theme for her [Carrie] emotionally," Claire Danes, who plays Carrie, said to Variety. "I think she probably escapes into her job. I think she hurls herself at it as a way to avoid some unresolved, very painful feelings to do with Brody."

David Nevins, executive at Showtime, had said that Homeland will be going through a major "reset" and one of the changes is Carrie moving to a new location as a field operative. As previously reported, Carrie will be taking-up an on-field assignment to take on the Islamic terrorists. "Carrie will be a station chief based in Islamabad and Kabul," Alex Gansa, showrunner of the show, said to Variety.    

Meanwhile, Howard Gordon, creator of "Homeland," recently said in an interview with Reuters that Carrie will have Brody's baby. He also indicated that "illness informs about her maternity."

Earlier, he had told TV Guide that the upcoming season of "Homeland" will be about Carrie's evolution, both at the professional front and personal. Gordon had said: "This year ["Homeland" Season 4] tells the story of Carrie and her evolution as CIA officer but also as a woman, who now turns out to be a mother."    

One cannot expect things to be easy for Carrie, as "she is back on the frontlines in the war against terror," according to Deadline.  She will be seen butting heads with Michael O'Keefe's character John Redmond. He is stationed at the CIA's Pakistan outpost and is the number 2 in the CIA hierarchy, there.

The cast and crew of "Homeland" Season 4 are currently filming in Cape Town, South Africa. The new season will introduce a number of new characters who are based in Pakistan. 

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