‘Homeland’ Season 4 Spoilers: Will Brody Return in New Season?

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The death of Nicholas "Nick" Brody came as a shock to the fans of "Homeland." Brody was convicted of treason and sentenced to death in Iran. He was publicly executed by suspended strangulation, which has made fans hopeful of Brody being alive.

Mandy Patinkin indicated to E! Online that "Homeland" fans might get to see Brody in Season 4. He said: "I would say so. I don't think it will be a regular occurrence, but I think it will be an emotional, occasional occurrence."

 However, Alex Gansa, executive producer of "Homeland," had said to TV Line that Brody's death was not staged and the character is not "unkillable." When asked by Entertainment Weekly whether Brody will be shown in flashbacks or as a dream, Gansa had said, "I would say highly doubtful. But you never know."

Gansa has said to a number of media outlets that killing Brody was a right decision taken and executed at the right time.

Patinkin, however, is doing season 4 despite his character, Saul, not being an integral part of CIA. Saul will help CIA from the outside as a private contractor. "... even though Saul may not have a desk at Langley anymore, his interface with the agency is going to be big," Gansa said to TV Line.

 Media reports suggest that the production on Season 4 of "Homeland will begin in May. The cast and crew might shoot a portion on the next season overseas, as Carrie will be posted in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul was picked-up because Iran shares a border with Turkey. Gansa had said that it "would be easier to run Javadi from that location."

David Nevins, president of entertainment at Showtime, had said to Huffington Post that when "Homeland" returns, it will pick-up from Carrie as the field operative. "The show is about a field operative and we haven't seen her out in the field being an operative."

"Homeland" might return for Season 4 sometime in October.

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