Homeland Season 4 Spoiler Update: Brody Dead but His Spectre Present

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The Season finale of "Homeland" Season 3 saw the shocking public hanging of Nicholas Brody. His death has opened up the possibility of a new arc in Season 4, but his presence will be seen for some time in the new season.

"The story finds Carrie in an emotional space that is very much a continuation of last year's story, and the spectre of Brody is still felt very strongly," Howard Gordon, executive producer of "Homeland," said to TV Guide.

 The final episode also saw Carrie finally telling Brody that she is pregnant. Brody and Carrie's baby will make an appearance in "Homeland" Season 4. Carrie will be seen juggling her duties as a CIA agent and as a mother. And, Brody's present will be felt "very strongly" because of his and Carrie's kid.

"This year tells the story of Carrie and her evolution as CIA officer but also as a woman, who now turns out to be a mother," Gordon said.

Meanwhile, Diego Klattenhoff has indicated that his character Mike Faber is unlikely to return in "Homeland."

"Brody's dead and I think they've moved on. I had such a great run, but from what I understand, Carrie is gone overseas and I don't know how they would squeeze it in," Klattenhoff said to DigitalSpy. The actor is currently starring in NBC's hit show "The Blacklist" as agent an FBI Agent.

As reported previously, Carrie will be seen as a field operative in a hostile country when "Homeland" returns for Season 4. For the new season, new names have been added to the cast list. This includes "House of Cards" Corey Stoll and Laila Robins. Stoll will have a guest role. He will be playing the role of Sandy Bachman, the CIA chief of station in Pakistan called. Robins will be portraying Martha Boyd, U.S. ambassador to Pakistan. The actress has signed on as a series regular for Season 4.

Also, "Life of Pi" actor Suraj Sharma has been roped in to play Aayan Ibrahim, a Pakistani medical student who crosses paths with Carrie. He has a "heavily" recurring role in Season 4.

It is in Cape Town, South Africa that the filming of "Homeland" Season 4 is taking place.  

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