Homeland Season 4: Carrie, Quinn Relationship Update, Dana ‘Not’ Coming Back

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Nicholas Brody's death in "Homeland" Season 3 finale has opened the possibility for Carrie and Peter Quinn's romance in Season 4. "Homeland" writers, however, are not revealing whether Carrie will give love another chance and whether she and Carrie will start dating in the upcoming season. The one thing that is certain is that Quinn continues to be there for Carrie, who starts the new season as a field operative in a foreign country.

Speaking about what is "in store" for Carrie and Quinn in Season 4, Alex Cary, executive producer of "Homeland," said at TCA, as quoted by TV Line, "We're all very much invested in the Quinn character."  

Alex Gansa, showrunner of the show, however was more positive about the possibility of romance between Quinn and Carrie. In an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gansa said that they are "certainly toying" with the idea of romance between Carrie and Quinn. He also said that the question is whether Carrie is open to romance. "... it's enough to say he [Quinn] watches over her this season because he cares about her so much," Gansa said.  

Gansa recently revealed that Dana Brody, the daughter of Brody, will not be returning in Season 4. He said, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter (THR), "This was a character people loved to hate and hated to love. It's someone who we miss on set every day. And I can say that Dana Brody will not be back for season four."

James Rebhorn, 65, died earlier this year from melanoma. He played Carrie's father in the show. TV Line reports that Gansa did not reveal how they are going to show his absence in "Homeland" Season 4. TV Line quoted Gansa as saying that Rebhorn was "one of the kindest, most supportive and wonderful men to work with. We want to honour him, but how we actually go about doing that, I'd rather not say."

The cast and crew are currently filming the new season in Captain Town, South Africa. The original plan was to film the show in Israel. "Homeland" Season 4 picks up in Pakistan. Carrie will be seen handling two responsibilities, as a mother and a field operative. She, however, will not take her and Brody's child to the new location. The writers have refused to reveal who will be taking care of the child

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