'Homeland' Season 3 Spoiler! Story Plot Revealed - -Where is Nick Brody? Where Has Carrie Mathison Hidden Him? [VIDEO]


Tough questions for the upcoming season of hit TV series, ‘Homeland’ starring multi-award winning actress, Claire Daines and Damian Lewis. Are you ready to see less of Sgt. Nicholas Brody in the upcoming season? Where has Carrie Mathison sent him to hide after the explosive twist in the Season 2 finale?

Fans have learned to love Nick Brody with his intense portrayal of an American marine, broken and damaged after eight years of captivity in the hands of a group of terrorists.

Brody had successfully showed the world the face of trauma and the struggles to get back on his feet and pull himself together as he gets to know himself and his family once again after he was rescued by the U.S. forces after eight years of captivity.

The co-creator in the new Homeland Season 3, Alex Gansa revealed one of the major issues to see in the upcoming season. Hollywoodhills said that “the new season will deal with some major attack action on the United States as well as trying to figure out where in the hell is Brody.”

“The issue in this season is, what happens if it were learned that a major attack on the United States was sponsored by a state? These are the big concerns that we’re going to deal with in the first sweep of episodes. And then there’s the big question about, you know, where Brody is?” Gansa was quoted as saying by Hollywood Hills.

In the finale for Season 2, Carrie helped Brody to escape understanding that no one would believe him that he had nothing to do with the attack as friends and family pay tribute to the death of the Vice President. The CIA chief, David Estes was delivering his testimony when the bomb placed in Brody’s car exploded. It killed everyone in the service.

Stay tuned for more updates for America’s hit TV series, Homeland.

Scroll down and check out the grim scene of the Homeland ending in VIDEO.

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