Homeland Season 3: Australians Can’t Wait to See Upcoming Series; Network Ten Announces Online Streaming as it Premieres in U.S. [PHOTO/VIDEO]

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"Homeland" Season 3 premiere episode is just around the corner and even Aussies can’t wait to see Showtime’s hit TV series as it kicks off on Sept. 29. Australia’s Channel 10 announces that it will be streaming the show’s first episode online and it promises only 15 minutes delay from its actual time in the U.S. and other countries in North America.

Dubbed as “Australia’s first,” the plan is to stream the first episode of "Homeland" series 3 on Network 10’s official tenplay website at 2:15 AEST on Monday 30 Sept. Anyone who got internet access Down Under can enjoy the drama thriller’s first episode with only 15-minute delay.

The plan is part of the move to fight illegal downloads online. Citing the experience Australia had for “Breaking Bad’ and “Game of Thrones,” the network officials claim that the plan hopes to minimize illegal downloads , through bit torrents which could reach to hundreds of thousands after days, even just few hours of delay from actual airing in the U.S.

“People want to see it at the same time. If you look at the examples of "Breaking Bad" and "Game of Thrones," between the US [broadcast] and an Australian broadcast later that day, even if it is by a few hours, you are getting up to 100,000 bit torrents,” Ten’s chief digital officer, Rebekah Horne said, according to The Age.

Horne also noted that Ten officials realized the need to consider the “time” element for high-profile shows such as “Homeland,” over the “day and date” and “fast-tracking” services it has always provided the audience Down Under.

Horne added, “It came from an internal conversation that we've been having that obviously 'day and date' is important clearly, but becoming more important is time.”

 Tenplay is a new website and application services for online video streaming, noted The Age. And officials believe it is the best parameter to fight piracy and illegal downloads.

“Tenplay can be a good showcase for our ability to actually meet day and date and time for those that want to watch it at two o'clock in the afternoon,” added Horne.

But don’t keep your hopes up because Aussie fans may enjoy online streaming for the show’s first episode. Now regarded as an “experiment” by the network officials, the plan also hoped to assess the level of interest of the audience.

“Right now it's just for the first episode,” Horne said. “We'll see what people do, see what numbers we attract and see what the broadcast outcome is.

“We need to test and learn, but our view is that it's our job really to package up content and put it out to audiences. Some of those audiences are shifting.”

Showtime’s "Homeland" Season 3 premieres on Sept. 29, 9pm.

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