‘Homeland’ Back Stories Revealed! CIA Chief David Estes Had an Affair with Carrie Mathison; Did Nick Brody Know? Did YOU Know?


With Emmy nominations just around the corner, Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ is again making the headlines. The multi-awarded hit American TV series has just wrapped up taping for the highly-anticipated Season 3 but as the list of actors expected to make the cut get longer, more and more revelations of the series’ come to fore: one and considered major back story - - the love affair between CIA Chief, David Estes and agent, Carrie Mathison. Yes, you heard it right.

The big question is, did the show’s millions of fans know or even notice the supposed affair? Did Carrie’s love, Sgt. Nick Brody feel any tension in the chief-agent relationship that will give away the affair? Carrie has always been close to Saul, did she tell him? Which episode of Seasons 1 and 2 gave away the “love affair back story?”

None would come to mind, unless you read the script or read about the storyline before or shortly after the two seasons.

David Harewood who portrayed the character of the Chief of the CIA, David Estes has all the answers. He was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly as part of its “Emmy Watch” section on its news website. And in the interview with Sarah Caldwell, David the actor told her all the “juicy details.”

David H. admitted that there was an affair between “CIA chief David E. and Carrie Mathison,” but he noted “it wasn’t written that way.” Despite the “unseen romance,” David H. pointed out that he would think of Carrie as an agent he had slept with when internalizing scenes with Claire Danes. With emotions, he quipped.

“… I mean I played every scene as if I was still in love with her. I mean it wasn’t written that way. It wasn’t supposed to be written that way but, you know, if somebody breaks your marriage up – And I mentioned to Claire, during the pilot I even mentioned it to Alex, that Estes seemed to me to be the type of guy who would tell his wife,” David Harewood said in the interview.

He did and it broke his marriage. David H. continued describing what could be the “great [unseen] sex” between David Estes and Carrie Mathison that made him spill the beans with wife.

David H noted, “ I don’t think she found out. He’s such a square guy, that I just thought to myself: she must have just blown his mind. I mean the sex must have been insane. So I think he just thought “This is it. I’m in love,” went to his wife and said “Look, I’m in love. I’m gonna leave you.”

But the kind of love Carrie must have felt for David E. was not as intense and strong as the love she has had for Iraq War veteran and broken marine, Nick Brody.

David Harewood agreed when he said: “And Claire agreed with that’s what freaked her out and she then ran away. And I think if somebody hurts you like that it’s in your heart. So for me every time I got together with Carrie I was trying to bury my emotions,… they were just underneath the surface.”

And so did you. Because, admit it, you did not see the David Estes-Carrie Mathison Affair. Did you? You could not have known. You could not have noticed.

No amount of calculated looks, gestures and exchange could reveal the backstory of a Chief-CIA agent affair. None.

But a look back at the two seasons of the hit TV series, it was there, somehow. In words. But not in too many words to give away the affair. In the Episode 6, Season 1, “The Good Soldier” which aired on November 6, 2011, the episode featured a series of polygraph tests for the 11 people including Sgt. Brody.

Carrie arranged the polygraph to determine who handed Afsal Hamid the blade that he used to kill himself. Hamid was Brody’s cruel guard who used to beat and urinate on him during captivity and Brody was included in the list because he asked David E. to see his captor, to tell him “the table had been turned.”

When it was David Estes’ turn to sit for the polygraph, the part when he was asked “if he was married,” the CIA chief didn’t just answer “Yes” or “No,” and he expounded his response by revealing that “he cheated on his wife and the marriage ended.”

In the scene, there was no mention if it was Carrie. There was just the love affair.

Will this be resolved in Season 3? Will there be any scenes of hot sex that David Harewood hinted David Estes could have had that he let go of his wife? But didn’t he die supposedly at the biggest explosion on Homeland finale? Will Carrie Mathison resolve the unseen love story through flashbacks?

David Harewood’s interview with EW left fans and followers with more questions. But isn’t it a good thing? Are you more psyched to see Season 3 of Showtime’s Homeland?

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