‘Homeland’ 2013 Season 3: Trouble Between Lead Stars as Claire Daines, Damian Lewis Reportedly Fighting on the Set


Where have all the kisses gone? What could Carrie Mathison have anything against Sgt. Nicholas Brody? Lead stars Claire Daines and Damian Lewis reportedly have claws against each other as they shoot for Season 3 of Showtime hit series, ‘Homeland.’ Why are they fighting about?

Talking to the National Enquirer, a source from the set of the drama-thriller series revealed that not everything is peachy between Claire and Damian and the chemistry between the on-screen lovers has been off on set of Season 3.

There was no doubt that Claire and Damian had great chemistry in the first two seasons of Homeland - - this could be one of the reasons why the

Homeland casts are currently filming in North Carolina and it looked like Claire is not enjoying the little time she shares with Damian. It was reported that there will be less of Brody in Season 3 and Claire has therefore little if no scene at all with Damian.

Despite this, Carrie has allegedly grown impatient of Damian and his “light-hearted ways.” The source attributes the growing tension between Claire and Damian to the actress being a new mom.

The source said, “As a first-time mom, she’s understandably stressed out. She basically just wants to get her scenes done and get back to little Cyrus.”

Claire sees Damian’s personality, which she used to find adorable, has changed tremendously for Season 3.

“But Damian is very light-hearted, always joking around with the film crew and getting his picture taken with the locals when they’re on location. And that’s caused a lot of friction between him and Claire,” added the source.

The insider finds relief that Damian is not working too many scenes with Claire for the third season. People may love both of them for the first two but viewers may feel the tension between them for the upcoming season.

The insider said, "It’s ironic- a lot of people fell in love with ‘Homeland’ because of the amazing chemistry Claire and Damian have on-camera. Maybe it’s good they aren’t working together much this season, because that chemistry is in short supply now.”

Season 3 for Homeland airs on September 29, 2013. It will run for 12 episodes and is expected to air its final episode on December 15, 2013.

America has loved Homeland since it invaded millions of homes in 2011. Since then, the hit series has won 6 major awards from the Golden Globe and 31 other awards for the cast and crew. 

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