'Home and Away's' Bonnie Sveen Stuns Everyone with Acceptance Speech, Talks about 'Natural and Healthy Young Woman'

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Bonnie Sveen's Loggie Award acceptance speech has been the most talked about speech ever since the gala show. The 24-year-old stunned the audience when she thanked them for accepting "healthy and natural" actress. The "Home & Away" actress Bonnie Sveen won the "Most Popular New Talent" Award at the Australia's 2014 Logie Awards on Sunday night. The actress beat her fellow cast member Johnny Ruffo, who was also nominated. Sveen, who stars as Ricky Sharpe in the Channel Seven soap, came dressed in a sexy, cleavage revealing dress for the award show.

"I think it says something really progressive about Australia and about the commercial industry that viewers have so warmly embraced such a natural and healthy young woman on their screens," the actress said cheekily in her acceptance speech.

The actress wanted to convey it to every woman that one should be able to accept their bodies as it is and the viewers should be able to differentiate between the models and the real life characters.

"I think it is (important) for a lot of female performers and it is important to differentiate storytellers from models and that people at home are able to turn on the television and see someone with an achievable look or something that is at least more of a mirror of themselves," the actress later clarified her speech further to Daily Mail.

"I think it does a lot of good to the attitudes of young women to see someone so comfortable in themselves and play such a wonderful fun role and get to be the love interest of such a big tele icon," the actress explained further.

"Home and Away" was named "Most Popular Drama" at Australia's 2014 Logie Awards. The soap opera had tough competition from various other popular shows including "House Husbands," "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" and "Offspring and Winners & Losers."

Meanwhile check out the video of Sveen's winning speech below. Let us know your views.

Source: youtube.com/IrishCASKETTfan

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