The Holy Grail Found in Spain? Aprils Fools’ Day Has Left Sceptics in Doubt

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Both "Indana Jones" and Dan Brown may be wrong. A church in Spain reportedly had to remove a precious cup on display after some historians claimed that it was in fact the Holy Grail. Sceptics however are not convinced and wonder if it's a coincidence that it was found on April Fools' Day.

According to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald, the church which had the cup is located in San Isidro basilica, northwestern city of Leon in Spain. People flocked to the small room to get a glimpse of the cup and the curators later decided to remove the cup from the small room as they search for a bigger place for the display.

The buzz around the cup was created after two historians Margarita Torres and Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio claimed that the cup was the Holy Grail in their book "Kings of the Grail." The book was published last week.

People who came to know about it on April 1 wonder if this was some coincidence that the Holy Grail may have been found on April Fools' Day. Many still remain sceptical about it while believers continue to flock to the church to get a glimpse.

The cup is made of agate, gold and onyx. It also has precious stones encrusted on it. The cup has been made by joining two goblets together. One of the goblets was known to belong to the Infanta Dona Urraca, daughter of Fernando I, King of Leon.

Reactions are pouring in from the social media about the news. Some have pointed out that Dan Brown may have got it wrong in book "The Da Vinci Code" and the Holy Grail may be real. The movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" may be wrong as the cup was not in some cave guarded by an old knight.

Another aspect of the Holy Grail portrayed in the movie was how humble looking the cup was but the one found in Spain may be much more grand and majestic. It reportedly took the historians three years to fully investigate and authenticate the cup.

The cup is said to have made a long journey over the years from Jerusalem to Cairo and from there to Leon. Has the real Holy Grail finally been found in Spain? The revelation has got many people excited.

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