Hollywood's Top 10 Best Dressed - Gen-Y [PHOTOS]

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These actresses literally have their personalities on their sleeves with the clothes and accessories they wear, and here are some of the best that do it like real stars.

Aside from their films, music, or whatever it is that they do in the entertainment industry, young Hollywood icons are constantly followed because of their fashion sense. These celebrities are not only talented, but they also have unique styles that add an interesting layer to their personalities. These are some of young Hollywood actresses that have the best fashion sense.

1. Zoe Kravitz

She played the fire-spitting mutant "Angel" in "X-Men First Class" and probably has the coolest street credit any teen could ever want. Daughter to rock legend Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Zoe inherited his father's rock star flair and her mother's sexy style.

2. Kirsten Dunst

Since her days as the sexy "Crazy Beautiful" carefree actress, Kirsten Dunst never fails to dress like a million dollars without trying hard. With sharp blazers that she pairs with unique graphic or band shirts, ballet flats, and designer handbags, Dunst's look is a certified show-stealer. For red carpet affairs, Dunst likes to keep it classy, with vintage-inspired gowns and stunning jewelry.

3. Emma Roberts

Niece of the legendary actress Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts has a matured-yet-quirky style that exudes the vibe of chic uptown girl. She made a splash at a MiuMiu screening event wearing a short sparkly gold number paired with suede heels.

4. Miley Cyrus

Miley might be criticized for her racy onstage outfits, but this Disney star-turned-teen idol has a signature bohemian style unlike any other. Miley is known to mix boho and gypsy pieces like fringe, turquoise, and silver to western items such as leather, boots and vests. Like a modern-day hippie, the "Hannah Montana" star is constantly photographed donning the "peace sign," with her long brown hair in loose curls.

5. Isabel Lucas

Sharing the same style as Miley Cyrus, "Transformers" actress Isabel Lucas has a "hippie" kind of style. With her long, billowing skirts, floral prints and string sandals, it's no wonder why the media tag her as Hollywood's "flower child".

6.Taylor Swift

The princess of country music has a preppy and loose style that's versatile and always endearing. A self-confessed "shopaholic", Swift likes to get her clothes from Topshop, Forever21, and H&M, proving that no one needs to spend that much to look good. For special occasions such as red carpet events and premieres, the singer adores shiny, sexy gowns that she accents with her red lips and alluring gaze.

7. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

These two are no strangers to "best dressed" lists. The overly-fashionable twins are obsessed with timeless pieces such as fur coats, antique jewelry, vintage Chanel handbags, and of course, their signature grungy make-up. Because they surely can afford it, the Olsen twins splurge on luxury items

8. Blake Lively

Just like her role as a fashionable co-ed in "Gossip Girl", Blake Lively has a classy style that's sexy and glamorous. When seen in special appearances, Lively is a fan of nude-colored gowns with intricate jewel details and side-swept hair. Her way of "downtime dressing" is chic as well, with her loose shirts, shorts, leather hobo bags and a messy bun to complete her comfortable look. Her classic presence is something that will make her beauty timeless, no wonder Leonardo DiCaprio got swept off his feet.

9. Lauren Conrad

Lauren "LC" Conrad is truly one of the best dressed reality stars that emerged in the past years. Like the rich, fashionable character that she is on the MTV hit show "The Hills", Lauren inched her way to the fashion world so she can have a name of her own. Interning with another style maven Whitney Port in Teen Vogue, Conrad has a sharp sense on what looks good and what doesn't.

10. Rachel Bilson

Because of her edgy-yet-chic appeal, the "One Tree Hill" star was offered to design her own line for the famous clothing brand DKNY. Bilson likes to play with dark hues and bold prints, always complementing her looks with chunky heels and vintage accessories. No matter where she goes, be it an awards night or the supermarket, Bilson has this natural charisma that makes her outfits seem appropriate and cute.

Runners up:

These ladies deserve credit for their chic styles as well:

11. Emma Stone

Hollywood's new it-girl sure knows how to dress her part. Known to wow fans and photographers with her red carpet premiere outfits, Stone loves wearing designer dresses from Velentino, Burberry and Chloe, which she pairs with bags from Chanel and Bottega Veneta. 

12. Lindsay Lohan

Sure, she's a hot topic on tabloids and is in and out of trouble, but no one can deny her exquisite taste in clothes. Tweeting photos of retail therapy buys such as this gorgeous top by Sass and Bide, Lohan sure does know her brands well.

View the slideshow to see the top 10 and runners up in some of their best looks.



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